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The name of our state, Colorado, has its origin in the Spanish language, the word for "colored red.” This was the name chosen for Colorado as a Territory in 1861 by Congress. We get this name from the colorful red rocks bursting from the ground in Garden of the Gods, as well as our vivid sunsets and incredible flowers.

If you ask a local, however, they might not jump immediately to calling Colorado "colorful". Our ground cover is brown, our shrubs are sage green. In the winter, the sky is gray and our trees are often usually brown. 

Colorado might have a lot of brown, but if you choose to look a little deeper into the people, the food, the culture or local art, you can see what we see: a vibrant and bold palette that surfaces and inspires this exciting and colorful pop-up. 

Our Summer pop-up series is inspired after our iconic state entry sign in both a serious and ironic way. We wanted to poke fun at how drab and brown our state can be, but we also want to show our gratitude for the days when the sky explodes with color, or you find a patch of vibrant wildflowers in the mountains on a hillside. We want to show appreciation to the creative people who live in Colorado Springs and the bold ideas that surface in and around the city everyday. Our giant COS, ILY letters in the front of the patio are for us to remember although we joke about the mundane, we are incredibly lucky to live in and call The Springs home.


All of our designs are inspired locally and made by people right here in this incredible city. We are proud to show off our local talent.

Electric Forest Columns - Juan Morales @__dedios__


COS / ILY Sculptures - Curtis Beyers & Team (Laborhouse Const.)


Graphic & Interior/Exterior Design, Piano of Dreams  - Rachel Strong @rachill_ 


Bar Mountain Mural - Lazlo & Laurie Steele @funkytipples


North Wall Mountain Mural - Katie Sturgis @letterbugg


Food Menu Creation - Andres Velez @dnotoriouspig


Beverage Menu Creation - Montana Horsfall @montanahorsfall


Boxwood design - Salem Belah  @salem_bellah


Painted Rocks - Jessica Strong @jessi.strong


Lighting & Other Decor - Emily Hayes & Deana Monteiro @emi.dawn @deana_mm 


Concept Creation & Implementation- Lazlo Steele @funkytipples


Jade Kelly - Painting of COS letters @miss.jadekelly

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